Game Developer Playsoft Levels-Up Its Wi-Fi Network with ZyXEL Solutions

When you are a mobile game company, connectivity isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity. Playsoft is one of Europe’s leading developers of game and entertainment apps. With more than a hundred employees creating software for connected devices — including tablets, smartphones, and notebooks — the company needed to upgrade their office Wi-Fi to a robust wireless network. The new network had to be stable enough to handle heavy traffic without sacrificing performance. Central control was another important factor. ZyXEL had just the solution Playsoft needed — a fast and secure network for its employees, allowing each to connect dozens of devices simultaneously.

"We wanted to increase the efficiency of our network and its security, taking into account the specificity of Playsoft's projects. We chose the ZyXEL's NXC2500 Controller and NWA5123-NI access points for better central management of the system."

Przemysław Biernacki
IT Specialist,Playsoft Group

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