French Hotels’ Network Overhaul Delivers Fast WiFi without Slowing Down Business

Even in the French countryside, hotels can be busy places. Between the revolving door of guests and the hustle and bustle of staff, it’s not the kind of business that lends itself to shutting down for a week so new tech can be installed. So when the two Hotels Champ'Alsace in northeastern France needed a network overhaul, their manager feared the costs would spiral out of control and interrupt everyday operations. But Zyxel had him covered. The cloud-based Nebula management solution lets him outsource the network’s everyday administration needs, keeping costs down and the network up.

Having regularly discussed with my fellow hoteliers the difficulties they’ve faced in trying to offer high-quality WiFi, I seized the opportunity to have [Zyxel partner] ISRT help us deploy a solution that was powerful but also respected my constraints. Visitors to my hotels are now happy to tell me how satisfied they are.

Jean-Paul Suss
Manager, Champ'Alsace hotels in Haguena

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