Efficiency is King as Zyxel Helps Russian Factory Rebuild its WiFi Network

The deafening clangs. The metal-melting heat. Factory floors can get hectic, and the Solombala Machine-Building Plant’s nearly 100-year history of success is a prime example of the importance of efficiency. So, when the factory’s adjacent management and service buildings needed their dropout-prone wireless overhauled, it was only right that Zyxel got the job. After all, the form and function of Zyxel’s access points made for extreme efficiency: the number of APs was cut by 75%, the installation was over in just an hour, and the new network could be centrally managed from any browser. Read on to find out how.

The new administrative building spans three floors. We’ve now got excellent WiFi coverage across all 2,000 square meters using only four access points, despite our many separate rooms and thick walls. Plus, the neighboring service building is connected via a separate access point. I’d highly recommend to my colleagues that they look into Zyxel Nebula.

Artem Nosnikov
IT director, Solombala Machine-Building Plant

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