Turkish Shipyard Company Launches Network with Zyxel Wireless Solution

Located at the Black Sea port city of Eregli, Turkey’s Eregli Shipyard is a self-contained vessel-manufacturing hub. With a neighboring iron and steel works, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and a crane network, it is equipped to handle the large-scale operations necessary for turning out every manner of seagoing vessel, from tugboats to hulking cargo ships. While all of that capacity is suited to shipbuilding, it can create problems for modern wireless networks. Metal buildings and equipment create barriers and interference, blocking and distorting Wi-Fi signals. So when the shipyard decided to install a new network, they turned to Zyxel for a solution designed specifically for their unique work environment.

“Although our work requires a high density of metal onsite, Zyxel solutions provided the best possible network access by preventing signal loss and signal weakness. We thank all our partners who contributed to the project.”

Bilal ARI
Eregli Shipyard IT Manager

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