ZyXEL’s new PoE switch cuts network complexity for small offices

Connect IP devices with fewer cables and manage through a simpler, iconic interface
July 6, 2016 – Hsinchu, Taiwan – Looking to connect IP phones, IP cameras and Wi-Fi APs but find business switches unaffordable for your business scale? ZyXEL Communications is launching a new series of 5/8-port gigabit switches (the GS1200 Series) to let small offices and startups connect their IP devices with fewer cables and a simpler graphical interface.
ZyXEL GS1200 Series web-managed PoE gigabit switch


PoE gives businesses the freedom to do more
Every penny counts when you’re starting a business on your own. The GS1200 are gigabit PoE switches that supply both power and data over the same cable. It means no messy wiring and less cabling costs to connect PoE powered devices. The PoE+ support offers 30 watts per port that are capable of powering most PoE devices in a small office.

Control networks with ease
Saving time on network management means more time to focus on business that matters. The GS1200 switches come with a graphical web interface to help users get hands-on with the entire network in just a few clicks. Smart features such as VLAN1 and QoS2 make it possible to divide the network into several smaller groups or prioritize bandwidth to create better security and smoother performance.

The GS1200 complies with Energy Efficient Ethernet standards (IEEE 802.3az) – it automatically goes into low-power idle mode when there’s no network traffic going around. ZyXEL has a comprehensive portfolio of managed, smart-managed and web-managed network switches designed for businesses of any scale. Find out more about GS1200-5HP, GS1200-8HP, and ZyXEL’s switch portfolio.

The GS1200 connects IP devices in a small office

The graphical web interface of the GS1200 Series.

1Virtual local area network

2Quality of service

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