ZyXEL’s Intelligent Layer 2 Switch Solution Is Ideal for Converged Data, Video and Voice Networking

Provides efficient use of bandwidth for diverse VoIP, IPTV and IP surveillance applications

March 24, 2014; Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications announced its new GS2210 Series Gigabit Layer 2 Switches, which are ideal for converged networking. The fully managed Layer 2 switching solution provides advanced security, agile traffic control, and intelligent PoE (Power over Ethernet) in hospitality, health care, business and educational environments.

ZyXEL is a global leader in broadband networking technology, providing a wide portfolio of wired and wireless network solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers to small- and medium-size businesses and home users.

The GS2210 Series provides more efficient use of bandwidth for large IPTV, IP surveillance, and IP phone applications in hospitality, health care, business and educational institutions with the advanced L2 multicast and IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) snooping features. In the hotel environment, for example, the MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration) function ensures better network efficiency and security for hotel guests by allowing a single IPTV multicast VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) to be shared with all the set-top boxes while the subscribers remain in separate data VLANs.

With agile traffic-shaping capabilities combined with an extensive array of access and traffic security features, the ZyXEL GS2210 Series can separate individual networks and grant different bandwidth privileges to different users. These features make the intelligent switches ideal for digital classroom applications where students and teachers use separate networks with different access rights. Advanced QoS (Quality of Service) and CoS (Class of Service) features can also reduce traffic congestion for latency-sensitive interactive learning applications.

The ZyXEL GS2210 Series provides high-level network and access security by offering enhanced control and isolation. The advanced defense mechanisms include IP source guard that not only prevents IP address spoofing from unknown IP addresses, but also avoids man-in-the-middle attacks.

The PoE functions of the ZyXEL GS2210 Series switches simplify and lower the cost of PoE deployments such as IP telephony, WLAN and IP surveillance by eliminating cabling devices to the power source. Its IEEE 802.3at PoE Plus feature supports high-power consumption devices such as 802.11ac Wireless APs (Access Points) and video IP phones. In addition, it automatically detects the power consumption status of each powered device and supplies the amount of power required. The above intelligent PoE feature ensures the power is used more efficiently to minimize businesses operating costs.

For a complete list of product features, please visit GS2210 Series on the ZyXEL global Web site or contact your local sales representatives.

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