ZyXEL Wireless USB Adapter for Instant Wireless Connection

Dual-band Design Ensures High Streaming Quality

December 26, 2012; Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications, a world-class broadband networking company that provides leading Internet solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers, small- and medium-sized businesses to home users, today introduces a Wireless USB adapter featuring dual-band functionalities and high-speed wireless data transfer rates of up to 450Mbps. Powered by the leading-edge 802.11n wireless technology in combination with innovative dual-band design, the brand-new NWD2705 Dual-band Wireless N450 USB Adapter allows desktop and laptop computer users to instantly enjoy high-quality, interference-proof HD media streaming of movies, music, online gaming and large file sharing while extending wireless connection to media servers.

Thanks to the continuous progression and evolution of digital technologies, digital applications have emerged intensely to reform people’s life with unprecedented excitement and inspiration. Further with the mobile technology advancements, people are able to enjoy the convenience of digital applications anytime, anywhere. For users of conventional desktop and laptop systems who wish to enjoy the freedom of wireless-enabled Internet, they can simply use ZyXEL’s new Dual-band Wireless N450 USB Adapter that enables wireless connectivity without complex setup and configuration as easy as plug and play.

As digital applications getting market momentum, bandwidth affordability and traffic prioritization become challenges to Internet users. Featuring the advanced dual-band design, the NWD2705 Wireless USB adapter offers better wireless performance along with stability and reliability. Users can choose the common 2.4GHz band for high-speed Web surfing or the interference-free 5GHz band for bandwidth-demanding dynamic digital applications such as HD video playback and online gaming. With this dual-band advantage, the NWD2705 users are able to avoid competing with other wireless electronic devices sharing the same band spectrum and to enjoy HD media streaming with optimal efficiency.

The plug-and-play design of NWD2705 Wireless USB Adapter offers enjoyable, convenient experience to users of desktops, laptops to the same level as contemporary smart mobile device do to its users. First-time users can just plug the USB adapter to a desktop or laptop and the driver will be installed automatically with no installation disc required. To ensure the security of the wireless network, a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button is provided; simply press the button to activate automatic network protection in just seconds.

The compact, lightweight design of NWD2705 Wireless USB Adapter provides high portability and mobility, and the bundled USB extension cradle can prevent blocking other USB ports on your computer.

The new Dual-band Wireless USB Adapter is the best companion of desktop and laptop users as it provides instant wireless connection with easy operation. For more details about the product, please visit NWD2705 on the ZyXEL Web site or contact your local ZyXEL sales representatives.

ZyXEL Communications Corp.
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