ZyXEL Unveils the New V.90 Analog Data/Fax Modem with Its Newly Developed Data Pump

The U-90E Professional Modem Provides High Performance and Reliable Connections for the Most Mission-Critical Businesses

Hsinchu, Taiwan, December 10, 1999- ZyXEL Communications Corporation, the leading provider of Internet access solutions, today announced immediate availability of its professional U-90E V.90 Data/Fax modem which incorporates ZyXEL's 4th generation modem data pump to provide comprehensive features as well as high-performance, clear, and reliable data/fax transmission.

Designed for business users, the U-90E is one of ZyXEL's premier modems which can connect to both 2-wire dial-up and 2-wire leased line. The U-90E leased line functionality meets the requirements of steady and always-on data transmission among different corporate sites. Furthermore, the modem's synchronous transmission mode ensures a steady flow of data at speed of up to 33.6Kbps between DTEs (such as IBM mainframes). Running at maximum speed of up to 56Kbps, the U-90E takes full advantage of recent technologies and proves itself as an ideal choice for high-speed Internet access for businesses.

"ZyXEL's U-90E Data/Fax modem delivers truly sophisticated solutions for business users," said Chin-Ru Lin, Assistant VP of Sales and Marketing Division at ZyXEL Communications Corp. "Known for its strong heritage of designing and engineering in modem technology, ZyXEL now introduces U-90E, a new V.90 56K modem, that delivers superior connections and top speed transmission."

Intelligent Features Ensure Transmission Quality
The U-90E provides the best transmission quality with an unprecedented capability of connecting both leased and dial-up line. With ZyXEL's automatic fall-back and fall-forward technology, the U-90E will automatically adapt its transmission speed when communicating with slower modems or when encountering unstable line conditions. The modem will resume the maximum speed once the transmission condition returns to normal.

Fax Functionality
In addition to its 56Kbps high-speed data transmission, the U-90E automatically detects data and voice calls on a single telephone line. Supporting built-in Group 3 send and receive fax functions at speeds of up to 14.4Kbps, the U-90E works as an ideal fax machine, and supports Class 1, Class 2, and Class 2.0 Command sets for fax operation.

Ease of Installation, Configuration, and Management
Although the U-90E provides business grade features, it has a very simple user- friendly interface and the installation process is very easy. User configuration is also pre-stored in user selectable memories, and can be recalled by ATZn command when needed. The U-90E also permits profile batch mode remote configuration, which enables users to pre-configure a remote modem in one of the local modem's user profile and send it to the remote modem in one action. This feature is particularly useful when a network administrator has to manage a set of remote modems.
ZyXEL's U-90E provides several diagnostic capabilities which make online monitoring possible. The network administrator can use these functions to verify the line condition, link status, as well as the modem's functioning and performance from the desktop, and can easily locate the source of communication problems.

Maximum Security
In response to the increasing demand for networking security among business users, the U-90E provides call-back security and password protection which restricts access to authorized callers only.

Future Upgradability
The U-90E can be easily upgraded by downloading the new firmware from ZyXEL's Website or FTP. While some users are hopelessly facing failed flash uploads with other modems, ZyXEL's exclusive Kernel Recovery Mode assures quick recovery thus greatly reducing the risk of damaging the modem during uploads.

Availability & Warranty
The U-90E is scheduled for shipment in the beginning of December through ZyXEL's global network of distributors. ZyXEL offers a period of up to 2 years of warranty covering materials and workmanship. Additional information about this product and ZyXEL's other solutions can be found at ZyXEL's company Web site at http://www.zyxel.com.

About ZyXEL Communications
ZyXEL Communications Corporation, located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is a leading supplier of broadband Internet access devices, routers, ISDN terminal adapters, and high performance modems. The firm provides complete networking access solutions for Internet/Intranet/VPN/Extranet applications, and also provides networking service solutions in the design, implementation and maintenance of networks for small- to medium-sized businesses. ZyXEL is listed on the stock market, and has distributors in over 70 countries. It serves customers in over 150 countries spanning all the seven continents.