ZyXEL to Showcase Latest Broadband Internet Access Solutions at COMDEX SUCESU-SP Brazil '99

Sao Paulo, August 10 - ZyXEL Communications Corporation, the No. 1 router supplier in Taiwan, today announced that it will exhibit its next generation broadband Internet access solutions at the COMDEX Brazil '99 on August 16-20, in Sao Paulo.

"We are pleased to announce our first participation in the COMDEX Brazil," said Simon Tsai, manager of the South America market division in ZyXEL. "This is a great opportunity for us to introduce our top-of-the-line broadband access solutions to the Brazilian market. ZyXEL is a well-established brand name throughout the European market and is also well known internationally. By building direct contact in the trade show, ZyXEL will be able to pursue channel partnership with potential partners in the Brazilian market."

DSL Broadband Solutions
In ZyXEL's booth (No. A2-4), the company will unveil a series of new products which uses the latest broadband technologies, including ADSL, IDSL, SDSL, and cable technology. A sample of the broadband solutions ZyXEL is exhibiting at COMDE Brazil includes:

-- The Prestige 641 ADSL Router A comprehensive Internet access solution which combines a router as well as a built-in ADSL modem. Supporting transmission rates of up to 8MB downstream and up to 640Kbps upstream over existing copper telephone line, ZyXEL's Prestige is an ideal solution for Internet surfing and bandwidth consuming applications.

-- The Prestige 310 Router An advanced IP-Tools gateway which features a 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface as well as a 10Mbps WAN port, allowing a high performance LAN to access the Internet through an externally installed cable modem.

-- The Prestige 628 SDSL Modem A SDSL modem designed for corporate broadband LAN to LAN connection. The Prestige 628 features manual rate configuration from 144Kbps up to 2.3Mbps which are flexible for multiple service selection for small and medium businesses.

-- The Prestige 681 SDSL Router An ideal broadband solution for Internet access, Frame Relay Multiplexing, and LAN to LAN Connection which works with existing phone network infrastructure while boosting network performance by providing transmission rates of up to 2.3Mbps through an SDSL line.

-- The Prestige 128L IDSL Router It takes advantage of today's most mature DSL technology, IDSL, that allows users to transmit full duplex data at speeds of up to 128Kbps through the existing copper line. A pair of Prestige 128Ls can connect two LANs and replace traditional terminal servers used to connect remote workstations from the host side.

-- The Prestige 1100 WAN Router Designed specially for small and medium business, the Prestige 1100 is equipped with two LAN ports and one WAN port. The two LAN ports are 10/100Mbps auto-sensing Ethernet for the highest throughput, while the FlexWAN provides 68-pin D-type connector which support speeds of up to 2Mbps.

Together with the broadband solutions, ZyXEL will also unveil its new USB interface ISDN terminal adapters and modems which provide easy and affordable Internet access. For a complete array of ZyXEL's solutions displayed at COMDEX, please visit www.zyxel.com.

About ZyXEL
ZyXEL Communications Corporation, located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is a leading supplier of xDSL CPE products, routers, ISDN terminal adapters, and high performance modems. Since its inception, ZyXEL has built a strong reputation as the price/performance leader in Internet access solutions by providing high quality and outstanding performance at affordable prices.