ZyXEL Liberates Media Streaming at Home

Powerful Routing Capability Sets-off Omnipresence of Multimedia Streaming

November 21, 2012, Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications, a world-class networking company that provides innovative, reliable Internet solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers, small- and medium-sized businesses to home users, today introduces a new addition to its wireless NetUSB router family - the NBG4615 v2 Wireless N300 Gigabit NetUSB Router featuring upgraded transmission performance and functionalities. The new model greatly enhances wireless routing performance to ensure data and voice transfer, audio/video media streaming and traffic quality of service (QoS) over networks with high stability and reliability among multiple concurrent PC and laptop users throughout the house. With an extra functional advancement, the NBG4615 v2 Wireless Gigabit NetUSB Router allows WLAN setup exclusively for access-only guests; so family members can enjoy privileges of optimal traffic performance and privacy protection.


As smart mobile devices usher a new digital lifestyle, people aspire for highly efficient wireless Internet connectivity around all corners for digital fulfillment anytime, anywhere. The upgraded version (v.2) of NBG4615 Wireless NetUSB Router enables more powerful routing performance with superior hardware-accelerated Network Address Translation (NAT). The new NAT allows the NBG4615 v2 to empower a number of PC and laptop users to enjoy speedy, reliable data transmission, high-quality video streaming and online gaming simultaneously in the same environment. The interconnected PC, laptop, smart mobile device and media storage users can enjoy versatile digital experience through the rich intranet connectivity and resource sharing.


The capability to setup a WLAN independently for access-only guests is another significant advancement of the second version of NBG4615 Wireless NetUSB Router. While reserving the optimal bandwidth for family users to enjoy high-quality media streaming and sharing among devices, the unique functions can also satisfy guests with wireless Internet connectivity. Separated from the wireless LAN shared to the guests, the Internet-only access privileges setup ensures that the family network privacy is strictly protected.


In order to make setup and operation easier for home users to start wireless connection quickly, the device pays attention to the user-friendly interface as well as convenient features and environmental-friendly designs. The “Easy Mode” offers quick function navigation, basic setup tasks and a comprehensive network map that displays all the devices such as PCs and network storage devices in an overview. For savvy users, the “Expert Mode” allows advanced setup for more detailed configurations. With the user interface, security setup is easy as well – with just a press on the WPS button, wireless security setup can be easily activated. The wireless on/off button also allows users to quickly enable or disable wireless access control.


To avoid unnecessary power consumption, the NBG4615 v2 Wireless NetUSB Router adopts a wireless scheduling and power on/off switch that allows users to plan for wireless connection according to the usage patterns and to easily disconnect the transmission when not in need. The consideration helps households to not only reduce electricity bill but also to care more for the earth.


For home users in need of high-performance wireless connection to enjoy HD media streaming over multiple devices, the NBG4615 v2 is definitely the best choice. For more details about the product, please visit NBG4615 v2 on the ZyXEL Web site or contact your local ZyXEL sales representatives.



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