ZyXEL Adds a USB and RS-232 Dual Interface Terminal Adapter to Its omni.net LCD Lines

The New omni.net LCD Plus Provides an ' Ease-of-use ' , ' Plug-and-play ' , ' Cross-Platform ' Internet Access Solution for Home Users

Hisnchu, Taiwan, June 2, 1999 - ZyXEL Communications Corporation, the leading provider of Internet access solutions, today announced immediate availability of its new omni.net LCD Plus ISDN terminal adapter which incorporates the advantages of today's widely acclaimed Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface with the comprehensive built-in features of ZyXEL's omni.net LCD terminal adapters product line.

Designed specifically for home users, ZyXEL's omni.net LCD Plus combines an unprecedented USB and RS-232 dual interfaces, making it compatible with PCs running MS WindowsR or the vary popular iMACs. In addition, the 20x2 LCD display and menu control keys provide users with real-time ISDN information as well as allowing easy configuration of Internet access over an ISDN line.

"USB has been an expanding mainstream technology which makes computers and peripherals much easier to use," said Daniel Liu, ZyXEL's Assistant Vice President of Sales & Marketing Division. "ZyXEL's omni.net LCD Plus provides the convenience of true plug and play, and thus appeals to PC or iMAC users who are looking for a simple way to use voice and data applications via Internet."

Best Performance, Least Cost.
Designed to connect PCs or iMACs to an ISDN service, the omni.net LCD Plus is an ideal solution for home users surfing the Web, receiving e-mails, downloading large files, and much more. The omni.net LCD Plus supports the PPP Multilink protocol in both server and client modes, and permits peak transmission rates of 460.8Kbps or higher on serial port by combining V.42bis data compression with V.120 and X.75 or Hi/fn LZS Stac Compression with PPP. Moreover, users can take advantage of USB transmission bandwidth of up to 12Mbps, allowing faster transmission speeds and better performance between the computer and TA. The Bandwidth on Demand (BOD) feature monitors traffic on the ISDN line and automatically drops or brings up the second B channel to optimize bandwidth usage.

Hassle-Free USB: Easy to Install and Operate
Featuring next generation's USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface, ZyXEL's omni.net LCD Plus allows users to easily connect this device to their desktops or laptops. Computers equipped with USB interfaces will automatically detect the omni.net LCD Plus without having to reboot the system or setup. Users with computers that don't have a USB port can attach the omni.net LCD Plus to the serial port, and continue to use the device if they upgrade with USB port computers in the future. With ZyXEL's ISDN TA Configuration Manager (ICM), inexperienced users can install and configure the device easily from their Windows 95/98 OS or MacOS 8.1 and higher OS through an intuitive step-by-step user interface.

Two Analog Ports with Caller ID and Call Bumping Support
Featuring two POTS ports, the omni.net LCD Plus can support two analog devices such as phones, answering machines, or fax machines. With Caller ID support on analog ports, the omni.net LCD series enables users to read the caller's information on their phone or display unit. While users are surfing the Internet, the Call Bumping feature automatically allows 1-B channel to be available for users to send or receive a voice call if both B-channels were previously being used for surfing the Web.

Full Supplementary Services
ZyXEL's omni.net LCD Plus supports the most complete supplementary phone services offered (optionally) by phone companies, including Call Waiting, Call Hold and Retrieve, Three Way Conference, Multiple Subscriber Number (MSN), Subaddress, Advice of Charge (AOC), Calling Line Identification Presentation/Restriction (CLIP/CLIR), Terminal Portability, Call Forwarding, and Call Transfer.

Feature Phone Functions
For users not subscribing supplementary phone services, the omni.net LCD Plus provides special analog port features emulating some of the services such as InterCom, Call Waiting, Three Way Conference, Global Reception, Incoming and Outgoing Call History, Speed Dial and Last Number Redialled.

The S/T interface omni.net LCD Plus is now available through ZyXEL's global network of distributors, and the U interface model is scheduled to ship at the end of July. An up-to-date list of ZyXEL's worldwide channel partners or additional information can be found at ZyXEL's company Web site at http://www.zyxel.com/

About ZyXEL
ZyXEL Communications Corporation is a leading networking company supplying broadband Internet access devices, routers, ISDN terminal adapters, and high performance modems. Since its inception, ZyXEL has built a strong reputation as the price/performance leader in Internet access solutions by providing high quality and outstanding performance at affordable prices. With headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan, ZyXEL is a stock listed company, with distributors in more than 70 countries, serving customers in over 150 countries.