New ISDN Internet Solution From ZyXEL Targets Small Office/Home Office Users

All-in-one Addresses Internet Access, Fax, Phone, Printer and other Analog Devices

ANAHEIM, Calif., October 22, 1996 The ISDN Internet solution, a new value priced ISDN access product designed with extensive built-in telecommunications features not found in comparable consumer products, was announced today by ZyXEL Communications.

The company, a leading supplier of innovative, high performance modem and data communications products, is known throughout the communications industry for providing high quality products with unparalleled technical performance features. is the latest in ZyXEL's Omni ISDN product line. With the introduction of, ZyXEL brings its telecommunications expertise to the consumer market, providing a high-performance, low-cost ISDN solution for home computer users, small office/home office users and anyone looking for fast Internet access.

With an extensive feature set unlike other terminal adapters and modems currently on the market, provides unprecedented speed in accessing the Internet. Due to its innovative feature design, ZyXEL has eliminated the inconvenient, long periods of time spent waiting for downloads. Unique to the are features including a speedy 460.8Kbps DTE serial port, Stac compression and V.42bis data compression over ISDN which combine to provide high-speed Web browsing and fast and easy downloading files, including video and high-quality graphics.

Also featured in are two analog ports which allow simultaneous use of two analog devices such as telephones, modems and fax machines. For example, users may send an e-mail while talking on the phone, or cruise the Web while sending a fax.

The is compatible with all operating environments, including Windows 95, DOS and Macintosh.

Consumer Market Prepares for ISDN
The introduction of ZyXEL's Omni products marks a significant trend in home and small office computing. Attracted by the fast Internet access and file downloading capabilities, a growing number of consumers, including casual home computer users, are looking to ISDN. "ISDN is not longer restricted to high-end corporate or power users," said Munira Brooks, ZyXEL's marketing manager. "An increasing number of regional telephone service carriers in the U.S. are offering ISDN access. It's becoming more widely available and acceptable by a wider range of Internet users in order to satisfy their need for speed," said Brooks.

"At a suggested list price of $299, is an affordable way to tap into the ISDN revolution," she added.

Included with the are easy-to-use ISDN ordering forms and, to make the process as painless as possible, ZyXEL offers assistance through its customer support team.

The has completed a conformance review for ISDN Ordering Codes (IOC conformance), including the new EZ ISDN classification at Bellcore, a leading provider of communications software and consulting services, administrator of a set of industry standards developed by the National ISDN Users Forum. When ordering an ISDN line, customers may use an easy to communicate name to describe a specific set of desired ISDN features of services, in this instance, IOC. IOCs are accepted by most U.S. telephone companies and contain all configurations needed to install the ISDN line.

Unprecedented Range of High-Performance Features
The supports PPP Multilink Protocol, allowing for connection to ISDN devices from other manufacturers at full bandwidth of up to 128Kbps. It can be used for both "call-mode" and "answer-mode" enabling the Omni TA128 to operate as a client or server device. Bandwidth On Demand and Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BACP) provide added flexibility through the PPP Multilink Protocol. Bandwidth On Demand automatically bundles the two B channels with the help of BACP, which evaluates data traffic and automatically adds and drops the second B channel a needed.

Other features include Call-Bumping, enabling users to make an analog call when the two B channels are in use by dropping the second B channel; Stac data compression over PPP, which provides higher throughput and performance; and Async to Sync PPP Conversion providing interoperability with router-based ISPs. The is compatible with all popular operating environments, including Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, DOS, Macintosh, UNIX, Novel and Amiga.

A Multi-Auto answer feature automatically detects and accepts incoming calls for PPP, V.120 and V.110, freeing users from manual protocol configuration. The Multi-Auto feature also automatically answers and identifies calls as analog or digital and routes them accordingly. Other features include standard DTMF and pulse dialing recognition, call-back with password protection for up to 40 users, tree security levels, built-in speaker, LED lights for call progress monitoring and multiple subscriber settings. Flash EPROM allows for easy firmware upgrades free of charge from ZyXEL's BBS, FTP and World Wide Web Site.

Provides Solution for Worldwide Communications
The is available with either U or S/T interface. The U interface features a built-in NT-1 device, providing easy installation and desktop space savings. The S/T interface model works with an external NT-1 device, ideal for those utilizing other ISDN equipment, as well as international users requiring S/T interface.

The is compatible with National ISDN (U.S.) and European ISDN standards, and has been approved by Canadian, European and U.S. FCC. AT&T 5ESS, Northern Telecom DMS-100, Siemens EWSD switches and National ISDN-1, Euro-ISDN DSS1 and ITR6 protocols are supported.

Pricing and Availability
The is immediately available and has a suggested list price of $299 and is offered with U Interface or S/T Interface. Both models feature a two-year warranty on parts and service including online support. The and all ZyXEL products are offered through major distributors, resellers, VARs, retailers and mail-order catalogs.

Company Background
ZyXEL Communications, Corp. (, located in Taiwan, is a leading supplier of high-speed ISDN terminal adapters, ISDN remote access routers, modems and compatible LAN/WAN data communications products. Since its inception, ZyXEL has built a reputation as the price/performance leader in modems by providing high-quality products at affordable prices.