More Than an Update - ZyXEL Announces New ZyWALL ZLD v2.20 Firmware for Unified Security Gateway Product Series

Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 11, 2010 – ZyXEL Communications (TSE: 2391), the world’s leading broadband access solutions provider, today announces the new ZyWALL ZLD v2.20 firmware solution for its Unified Security Product Series. The update provides customers with more comprehensive features for easy deployment, unbeatable performance and low operating costs.

The new ZyXEL ZLD v2.20 firmware provides a full range of more than 90 improved and new features to help users deploying the ZyXEL Unified Security products with even less effort. The benefits and additional enhancements not only guarantee better security, but also offer all necessary mechanisms to enforce network protection.

The ZyWALL USG Series is a high-performance deep packet inspection security solution for small businesses and enterprises. It embodies a Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall, anti-virus, Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP), content filtering, anti-spam and VPN (IPSec/SSL/L2TP) in one box; the multi-layered security can effectively safeguard customer and company records, intellectual property and critical resources from external and internal threats.

Unveiled at CeBIT 2010, the new ZyWALL firmware ZLD 2.20 received great feedbacks from booth visitors: "Usability is the key to today's markets, especially the entry-level SMB. With improvements brought by the 2.20 version, the existing customers can enjoy the benefits and new customers will be impressed", "Facebook, Twitter and Co. access control shows that ZyXEL thinks practically in the Web 2.0 environments", and "Access Control becomes a increasingly important issue to strengthening productivity. I like features such as app patrol and EPS, since they create the chance for us to talk to our customers again."

The comprehensive new and improved features of the new ZyWALL firmware ZLD 2.20 enable users to deploy the USG Series easily. The major benefits of the new features and additional enhancements include:

  • Easier deployment of ZyWALL USG firewall appliances on business and enterprise networks thanks to the new user interface with user-friendly table operations and improved troubleshooting options.
  • Improved routing architecture.
  • End Point Security supports for anti-virus security checks and personal firewall software.
  • Granular control over social networking applications to manage bandwidth usage and increase employee productivity.
  • Hybrid VPN capabilities providing flexible and secure remote access options designed for branches, home offices and road warriors, in addition to the SSL VPN support for Windows 7.
  • Enhanced VoIP quality for flexible VoIP deployments and IP PBX supports.
  • Comprehensive MS Active Directory integration.

The ZyXEL firmware upgrade is free of charge and helps to lower significantly the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The free download will be available on the ZyXEL website for all USG models (ZyWALL USG 100/200/300/1000/2000). Together with the UTM licences, ZyXEL now offers even more options to extend business and maximise revenues by selling and operating ZyWALL firewall appliances.

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