Integrity is one of Zyxel’s core values and we strongly observe this principle when abiding with legislation and business ethics. We at Zyxel believe that good corporate governance allows us to have a firm foundation for growth and upholds our responsibility to serve the community we sell to.

RoHS Statement

RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC)
The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive has been passed into law by the European Union (EU).
The RoHS directive applies to manufacturers of all electrical and electronic equipment containing lead, cadmium, mercury and other substances in products sold in the EC after July 1st 2006.
Zyxel UK and Zyxel UK products and solutions comply fully with the RoHS directive.

WEEE Compliance

Disposal of Electrical Equipment at End of Life

In accordance with the European WEEE Directive and subsequent UK WEEE Regulations, Zyxel Communications UK Ltd is registered as a WEEE Producer in the UK with WEEE Producer Registration Number WEE/CC0067TX.

Upon request from Business End Users, Zyxel Communications UK Ltd accepts responsibility as an obligated WEEE Producer for the proper treatment, recycling and disposal of any of Zyxel products which were placed on the market (sold to you in the UK) after August 13, 2005.

Any Zyxel products purchased from Zyxel Communications UK Ltd before August 13th, 2005, or a competitor-branded product placed on the market (sold to you in the UK) before August 13th, 2005, that perform the same function as a Zyxel Product being purchased for replacement purposes then on a one for one basis, and upon request from a Business End User, Zyxel will assume responsibility for the proper treatment, recycling and disposal of such products.

Business End User customers assume all shipping costs to a designated UK approved and authorised treatment facility or to a point of collection for the purpose of bulking activity. Details of the points of disposal in the UK can be obtained from Zyxel Communications UK Ltd or its chosen compliance scheme, Comply Direct Ltd –

Customers may make their own transportation arrangements or can request that our recycling partner arranges for a collection but the collection costs will be assumed by our customers. On their premises, customers are responsible for disassembling and moving the equipment to a suitable truck loading area.

Neither Zyxel nor its UK recycling partner will assume any liability if a customer sends the wrong equipment for treatment and disposal or sends equipment or materials that were not part of the original product sale. Equipment for which Zyxel bears no responsibility under the WEEE Directive will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense.

The WEEE Regulations do not prevent a Business End User customer disposing of WEEE or electrical components exactly as they do at the moment under normal waste management requirements i.e. mixed with other waste if non-hazardous. The only WEEE that would be considered hazardous would be CRTs, CFC fridges or products containing NiCad batteries or mercury switches.

Consumer (home) users can either return the product to the retailer where it was purchased or use one of the approved sites provided here to dispose of the product.

WEEE Producer Registration Number: WEE/CC0067TX

EuP Directive

Products Framework Directive 2005/32/EC; Stand-by and off mode power 1275/2008; External Power Supply Units 278/2009; Simple Set Top Boxes 107/2009; Tertiary Lighting 245/2009; General Lighting 244/2009

Zyxel Communications (TSE: 2391) declares that the company's products that are shipped to and sold on the European market after 1st January 2010 will be compliant with the European Union's EuP Directive (2005/32/EC) requirements. Zyxel once again meets the international standards in environment protection, and the move also reaffirms Zyxel's commitment to being a responsible manufacturer.

Aiming to reduce environmental burden and improve environmental performance, the Energy Using Products (EuP) Directives adopted by European Parliament and the Council established a framework for eco-design requirements that administrating energy-using products. Zyxel's EuP compliant products will meet with the energy and resource consumption standards to follow the objective of the EuP Directives: Improve energy efficiency throughout the product's lifecycle from mining of the raw materials to its end-of-life recycling.

With commitments to the environment, Zyxel will work continuously on improving the environmental performance of its products and take every effort a step further by actively decreasing greenhouse gas emissions to underline its role as a responsible global corporate citizen.