Zyxel Switches and Access Points - better together

Zyxel Switches and Access Points - better together

Where there is a network switch, there will be a need to provide wireless connectivity - Zyxel’s latest promotion is designed to show how effectively its switches and access points can be used together along with Nebula Cloud Management.

Anyone buying networking equipment is doing so for a reason. Customers that are purchasing Zyxel’s very popular GS1920 and XGS1930 Smart Managed Switches usually do so because they want a good, reliable all-round switch that gives them excellent throughput and a PoE budget that will support all the devices they need to run off.

There are 24-port and 48-port versions of both these switches and as they are fan-less, they are almost silent in operation. Importantly, they can also be configured and managed remotely using our Nebula Cloud Management system.

In case you are wondering, the major difference between these two product lines is that the XGS1930 comes with four 10Gbit Ethernet uplinks. A growing number of businesses need to support higher bandwidth and deliver gigabit speeds to the desktop and with these additional ports the XGS1930 gives you the capability to have more devices connected to the switch at gigabit speeds.

While they don’t have the uplinks, the GS1920 switches do also support 1Gbit, so they too can deliver the very best and smoothest levels of performance.

Access all areas

Where there are switches, there will be devices to attach to the network. Some may be connected directly with Ethernet cabling. But increasingly, most users want to connect via WiFi. This means that at least one Access Point will usually be connected to every switch that’s deployed. Some may need to support several APs and where that is the case, and there are a great number of users connecting to WiFi on from time to time, those 10GbE uplinks on the XGS1930 switches become really useful.

As you may already know, Zyxel has a full range of fast and reliable access points and they are specifically designed for use with our switches. To draw attention to what a great combination they make, for a limited time only, we are giving away one of our access points with every GS1920 and XGS1930 switch. Customers buying the GS1920 will receive an NWA1123-ACV2 AP; those purchasing an XGS1930 will receive an NWA1123-ACV2 PRO.

Both these APs are dual-band devices and the only major difference between them is that while the former supports speeds of up to combined data rates up to 1200Mbps, the latter will support combined rates of as much as 1750Mbps, for even faster throughput. Used together, these bundles will deliver the right level performance and ROI for customers.

Really useful

Whichever option is chosen, both the switch and the AP can be configured remotely and managed using Nebula – our popular web management platform. In fact, this promotion is really all about demonstrating just how effective Zyxel products are used together and how efficiently and effectively they can be managed through Nebula.

It's when there is more than one device to manage that Nebula really starts to become useful. It enables administrators or managed services providers to auto-provision devices as soon as they are connected to the network and then monitor and manage all devices and connections remotely. It’s even more useful when customers also deploy our security gateways on the same network.

Nebula is an easy and convenient network management solution now being adopted much more widely by our customers. We’re hoping that the special bundle of our best-selling switches and access points we are offering this month will convince even more customers that Zyxel switches and access points, used in conjunction with Nebula, is the very best way to get the most out of their network investment.

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