Why it’s time for a new approach to reseller relationships

Why it’s time for a new approach to reseller relationships

We’ve announced a new Partner Programme and online portal – one that completely changes our approach to rewarding and interacting with our resellers. We wanted to find a new way of not only rewarding the hard work of our resellers, but also to streamline how they work with us from registering deals to accessing tech support and info.


Changing rewards  

 Most partner programmes reward those who bring in the most money, with incentives and discounts to match the efforts of the biggest companies. Which is great if you’re one of them – but what about everyone else? With more and more specialist resellers appearing, there’s a need to try something new.

Our approach now focuses on frequency of purchase, so our biggest customers are still rewarded but alongside those who are still regular customers and valued partners.


A new structure

There will be three levels of partnership, Resell, Authorised, and Premium, which cater to our resellers’ specific needs – we realise that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach and different partners require different levels of support.


Better support – easier access

A key part of the changes we’ve made has been in how we support our resellers and their customers in turn. They need to be able to easily register deals and get access to exclusive discounts and offers – but we also need to make it easy for them to access technical support and to solve problems. That’s why the new Partner Programme includes technology courses and an online e-learning programme as well as technical services.


Time to change

We made these changes to provide the best possible benefits to our resellers – regardless of their size. As the market develops with more and more specialist resellers and installers, it’s our view that this is the way the industry needs to go. To find out more head to https://partner.zyxel.eu/ or just get in touch.