The switch for all seasons is back on the shelves

The switch for all seasons is back on the shelves

Zyxel’s GS1200 v2 web-managed PoE Gigabit switch is ideal for smaller businesses and homes that want great connectivity for all users, and with supply constraints easing, these devices are now available to order from distributors all over Europe, which welcome news for both partners and customers, says Luke Harley, Switching Business Development Manager, EMEA at Zyxel.

The GS1200 v2 is one of our most popular switches. With a mix of PoE and non-PoE ports – and a generous PoE budget, plus the ability to create virtual networks (or VLANs), and web management, it has everything for smaller businesses and professional home users.

A hairdressing salon or a shop for example, could provide good WiFi reception and also create separate virtual LANs for staff and for customers. In the home too, you could provide good WiFi coverage and speeds, with separate VLANs for people who are working and for members of the household who want to use entertainment services, gaming, and social media.

Setting priorities

With Quality of Service (QoS) features built-in as well, you can prioritise traffic, so that specific users or applications can always get the bandwidth they need. That will be particularly important to people who are now working at home more often and need to make sure they get sufficient performance to support good quality video conferencing.

The GS1200 v2 is specifically designed for smaller networks and comes in two variations, with either five or eight ports. Both the GS1200-5HP v2 and the GS1200-8HP v2 have four PoE ports. You would use the former where you only have two or three PoE devices to connect, the latter when you have a handful of PoE clients and more client devices you want to connect by cable, such as a storage system or shared printer.

On each model, two ports can be combined to provide faster and more reliable connections to a specific device, such as a router.

Available now from a partner near you

But why am I writing about it now? Quite simply because, after several months where we have had constrained availability, we now have a good flow of these products coming into our distributors across Europe. We can therefore be confident of saying to both partners and customers that, if a GS1200 switch is what you need – and for many customers it is exactly what they need – there is no need to hold back or to manage expectations. You can place orders now and expect them to be fulfilled without delay.

If you’d like more information about the GS1200 v2 switches and where you can buy them, please contact your local Zyxel office or trusted partner.