Turkish Hospital’s New Network Leads to Happier Staff, Better Treatment

Nazilli State Hospital was in need of a straightforward, efficient network to support growing demand for fast and reliable connectivity speeds. This was no simple task to connect 77 separate clinics and 73,000 square meters. Complicating this further was the high density of staff and patients as well as the need for the network to be highly secure and robust enough to support multiple applications for different uses like operating rooms, intensive care rooms, outpatient clinics to staff, patients, and relatives. Step one was building a centralized network system that could be easily managed from a single point and provide security and high speeds. To do so, XS3800-28, XGS1930-52HP and XGS1930-52 switches were installed to deliver 10Gbps data transfer speeds for real-time treatment applications in patient operations, institutions and departments. “We thank Zyxel for its great support through the project,” says Mehmet Dry, Sales Engineer at Akbim Bilgisayar, the project’s system integrator. “Now with end-to-end wired internet access, the hospital is enjoying improvements to its diagnosis and treatment processes, while staff have more time for their work due to the vastly more efficient workflow and network management.”

As one of the biggest hospitals in the Aegean region, we had full confidence in the expertise and experience of Zyxel and Akbim Bilgisayar. And this confidence has paid off in spades: the project was completed in a short time and meets our needs of not only today but also tomorrow. We’re very pleased with the new strong network infrastructure, and thank Zyxel and Akbim for their support.

Dr. Gunhan Turhan
Chief Physician V., Nazilli State Hospital

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