Staff, Citizens Satisfied as Network Renewal Supports E-government Transformation in Turkey

Eyeing improved public services and operational efficiency, Turkey’s General Directorate of Security started a reboot of its e-government services. Accordingly, the Izmir Provincial Police Department aimed to renew its headquarters’ infrastructure to enhance network performance and ensure higher satisfaction for staff and citizens alike. Zyxel and Onur Elektronik devised a next-generation network to provide more flexible network management. XGS2210 PoE switches supporting 802.11ac wireless AP and video IP phones were deployed to increase work efficiency. The switches also deliver up to 30 watts per port for powered devices as well as greater agility and traffic management for converged applications plus centralized control of data, video, and voice networks. The RGS200 switches, equipped with fanless and IP30-standard metal enclosures, deliver outstanding thermal control for harsh conditions. The robust device guarantees rapid failover in the event of a network error, and its user-friendly interface allows for easy stacking and network management, with multiple switches able to be managed from a single interface. The İzmir Provincial Police Department thanks Zyxel and Onur Elektronik for helping them carry out this e-government transformation, which has made a real difference to their service quality and increased convenience for citizens. Onur Electronics GM Yener Kesecioğlu has also been highly satisfied with Zyxel’s products and technical assistance. “We have a long-standing partnership with Zyxel exactly because of projects like this, where we used Zyxel’s technologies to give the İzmir Police Department a flexible, powerful, and uninterrupted network.”

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