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XS3800-28, sadece birkaç basit tıklama ile istediğiniz zaman paketlenmiş 1 YILLIK Pro Paketi ile bağımsız yönetim ve sezgisel Nebula bulut yönetim platformunu kolayca değiştirmenizi sağlayan Zyxel NebulaFlex Pro'ya katılıyor.

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Flexible port design

XS3800-28 offers a maximum of 24 10G fiber ports or 12 10G copper ports that are for most flexible adoption to your networks.

  • Mix of Ports
  • 24 x Fiber Ports
  • 12 x Copper Ports

Essentials of a core switch

XS3800-28 is suitable for network aggregation such as SMB or campus networks that require low latency and high-density 10G backbone architectures with basic routing capability.

Why Multi-Gigabit?

Dedicated Networked AV Mode

The XS3800-28 includes a tailor-made networked AV mode when used in standalone mode. You can switch interfaces to simplify the installation of AVoIP with an intuitive wizard that prompts high level requirements for this type of network infrastructure; leveraging from AI intelligence, the switch is then able to remove the complexity by applying all the necessary details to set up a professional AVoIP deployment in minutes.

When deployed in Networked AV mode the switch gives you a dedicated dashboard allowing quick access to the key AV network elements such as IGMP and IP information as well as fast access to configuration functions often associated with AVoIP deployments.

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Network application scenarios

Core switch deployment diagram

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