Zyxel Wireless Solution Supports German Healthcare Subsidiary’s Philanthropic Future

The Obertshausen branch of Malteser International, a philanthropic arm of the Order of Malta, works tirelessly to assist the less fortunate in their community. Although they have always relied upon help from donors and volunteers, technology has also become an important way that they turn their mission into reality. So when Zyxel and a local network company teamed up to provide a free overhaul of their insufficient infrastructure, the medical group was grateful for the generosity. Now, the Malteser office has a high-speed, future-proof wireless network that can be managed via the cloud and provides separate access to full-time and volunteer users. Thanks to Zyxel, Malteser is ready to take on the philanthropic challenges of the future.

The new network makes our existing work processes easier, faster, and—therefore—more efficient.

Rainer Faust
Manager, Malteser Obertshausen Subsidiary

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