Polish Aviation School Soars with Zyxel Wireless and Nebula Solution

A Polish aviation school had tried a number of solutions to enhance their subpar computer lab, but the resulting patchwork of incompatible devices only made a difficult situation worse. How to transform the hodgepodge into a cutting-edge, streamlined network of the future? With Zyxel’s world-class product design and customer service, the aviation school was able to completely replace its lagging infrastructure with a comprehensive, unified IT solution. Students now have the opportunity to master the very same networking products used by professionals. Energized by their newly founded partnership with Zyxel, the school has another cloud-based computer lab in the works and is primed for the future.

Thanks to the impressive functionality of their Nebula-compatible products, we were able to equip our entire studio with Zyxel devices. The school has used them for the first half of 2018 with a high level of satisfaction.

Maciej Kolodziej
IT Instructor, Warsaw Aviation Technical School

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