Empire Square Delivers High-speed, Wide Network Coverage with Zyxel GPON Solution

Empire Square, one of India’s leading construction companies, was building a new residential development with a full complement of amenities spread over a large area, with plans for future expansion. As a result, the company required a scalable solution that would provide wide network coverage and support future technology. The high-performance and cost-effective advantages of optical access networks led the company to choose PON technology at the outset of building the project’s network infrastructure. The company was looking for a trustworthy brand to implement network access solutions for its new building projects. Enlisting the help of SI partner Blossom, Empire Square chose forward-looking network solutions experts Zyxel. Zyxel leverages its rich experience, industry-leading customer service, and excellent customization and problem-solving abilities to create innovative and reliable technology that meets current and future project demands.

All the application was running smoothly which helped us to keep our tenants and owners happy. The users could choose their favourite service providers as multiple ISP links terminated to the OLT. The OLT with multiple uplink ports provide us flexibility to connect our switching and PON network directly to the OLT. Besides, monitoring cameras becomes much more efficient as there is no more bandwidth issue. In the beginning, we experienced some issues during implementation. When Zyxel’s technical team evaluated the passive infrastructure, it suggested us to re-designed our passive splitter ratio. After the redesign and rectification, we have experienced efficiency of the newly deployed network.

Shailesh Bhingare
Network Manager, tech-BOX (Maintenance partner at Empire Square)

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