AX3000 WiFi 6 Dual-Radio NebulaFlex Pro Access Point


Ultra-fast, Smarter WiFi 6 Access Point

Featuring 6 spatial streams (4x4:4 in 5GHz, 2x2:2 in 2.4GHz ), OFDMA and MU-MIMO capabilities, the Zyxel WAX630S is the true WiFi 6 access point that provides ultra-fast speed and consistent performance for your wireless network.

Any environment that needs to accommodate a large number of devices, it can offer a faster and smarter connection to everyone every time when they connect to the WiFi.

Unleashing the Power of Smart Antenna in WiFi 6

The built-in smart antenna technology, proven to be capable to mitigate co-channel interference, continuously monitors the connection and adaptively adjusts its antenna patterns to ensure that the optimum performance is delivered to every connection, which means more users and devices can be connected without any degradation in performance or response time even in high-density environments.

Robust Hardware You Can Trust

Every hardware design detail is critical to performance and reliability. The WAX630S access point is built with selected high quality components to warrant the best experience and longevity.

Hassle-free Upgrade

To meet the growing demands for WiFi connectivity, the WAX630S enhances the network capacity with 2.90 Gbps WiFi speed and 2.5 Gbps multi-gigabit Ethernet port, which allows multi-gigabit speed run on the existing infrastructure without the need of re-cabling.

Further boosted by smart antenna technology, it ensures everyone is provided with the optimum performance every time when they connect to the WiFi. Organizations such as schools, hotels, and retail stores can upgrade to the ultra-fast WiFi 6 network easily at an affordable price.

Manage it your way!

The WAX630S comes with the support of NebulaFlex Pro, which offers the full flexibility for users to easily switch between Zyxel Nebula cloud-managed, controller-managed, and standalone modes. You can choose the appropriate managed-mode best suited for your needs.

Anytime, Anywhere with
Nebula Mobile App

  • Easy device onboarding with QR code scan & installation wizard
  • Network and device status at a glance
  • WiFi sharing via QR code or mobile messaging apps
  • Network client access control
  • Live troubleshooting tools
  • Push notifications for abnormal network events

Just Connect with Nebula

Serving customers with over 80 Nebula enabled devices via an ever-growing portfolio, Zyxel is unmatched in its approach to onboarding new and existing products via NebulaFlex. From Deploying a home office to delivering connectivity to distributed network configurations, Zyxel’s Portfolio of Nebula enabled products can accommodate all types of budgets, functionality and scalability for now and for the future.

How to Configure

Suggested PoE Injector

RJ-45 (Data) Input 1
RJ-45 (Data + Power) Output 1
Data Rate 100 Mbps and 1/2.5 Gbps
PoE Standard PoE, PoE+
Total PoE budget 30 watts

* All specifications are subject to change without notice.