Zyxel launches Astra endpoint security solution to protect hybrid SMBs

Providing a protective bubble to roaming employees with the ability to monitor and secure all endpoints through one portal

Hsinchu, Taiwan, January 16, 2023— Zyxel Networks, the leader in delivering secure and cloud-powered networking solutions, has released a new cloud-based endpoint security service, Astra, in response to the increased hybrid working offered by SMBs. As more people choose to work remotely, an growing number of organizations are turning to cloud-based processes, with recent research from Gartner suggesting more than 85% of organizations will have embraced a cloud-first principle by 2025.

As the boom in flexible working practices enables employees to connect and collaborate from anywhere, SMBs need to support more roaming users and additional devices that need to connect to branch offices and cloud-based apps. While these decentralized networks can provide the flexibility needed in the modern workforce, they are increasingly at risk of cyberattacks. To counter this issue, Zyxel’s Astra provides a cloud-based security service that can be installed on multiple endpoints, to provide users with a first line of defense, wherever they are.

Borderless perimeter security

The new Astra service puts all aspects of security back into the hands of the administrator, including Dark Web Monitor, IP/URL Reputation and Web Filtering capabilities, allowing them to monitor and secure users even when they are outside of the office perimeter. Connected via the cloud, Astra’s threat intelligence database is automatically updated and pushed to endpoints in real time. This means users are no longer required to manually download and run updates, as Astra will always be kept up-to-date.

Protection made easy

Astra allows network administrators to easily monitor and control security settings on remote devices via a brand new web portal and mobile app. This unified platform collates alerts, reports, and event analysis, providing instant visibility and accessibility to the teams that need it. The Astra app can be installed on mobile devices to protect users from phishing and exploit attacks – without compromising device performance.

“While hybrid working should be celebrated for the increased flexibility granted to employees, it is also important to guard against the risks, comments Mr. Ken Tsai, Senior Associate Vice President of Zyxel Gateway SBU. “SMBs in particular need a coordinated and technical defense solution, which offers protection to the growing number of endpoints and stops businesses falling victim to the expanded threat landscape. Astra, combined with Zyxel’s range of firewalls and cloud security services, offers SMBs a unified and consistent approach to securing their business”.

The iOS and Android Astra app is currently available as a licensed service, with the Mac version due for release at the end of December 2022. Each licensed user can install Astra on up to two endpoints. Businesses can purchase licenses for up to 999 employees, with the ability to manage them from one single Astra portal. For more information and to register for a free trial, please visit https://www.zyxel.com/Astra

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