Our goals & strategies


The IPv6 adoption is in motion. With the decrease of IPv4 addresses, businesses are eventually obliged to move the services they offer to the world of IPv6. ZyXEL has set the following statement as our goals during the product development.


To support the development goals above, here listed the product strategies for overcoming the IPv6 challenges.

  • Continue to expand IPv6 new features - Firmware upgradable to save hardware investment

  • Migration Plan

    ZyXEL takes the following phased migration plan to minimize the changes required in our customers’ environment and bridge to the new IPv6 world at the same time.

     Phase IPhase IIPhase III
    Implementation Focuses Dual-stack
    Host/Router/ Firewall
    DS-Lite (4 over 6 tunnel)
    IPSec + IDP
    More IPv6 enabled applications

    How do you get started with IPv6?

    Case Study

    In the following scenarios, ZyXEL presents 4 case studies to help our customers with the considerations of implementing IPv6.

    Scenario 1: How can business access applications or services in both IPv4 and IPv6 world?

    Due to v4 and v6 are 2 different and separate worlds, there are two required implementations for businesses to reach the applications or services in these 2 worlds.

    Scenario 2: if we have a branch where only use IPv4 addressing,how can our staff there also access the IPv6 world?

    To achieve the requirement, the gateway installed in branch office also need to support both IPv4 and IPv6 Internet connectivity to access IPv6 application; including dual-stack and 6rd.
    For the remote office without IPv6 Internet WAN link, it can build up IPv6 manual tunnel to home office to access the IPv6 Internet.

    Scenario 3: how can the business host services in IPv6 network and make sure that customers can access it without errors?

    As long as the gateway in the office supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 Internet connectivity to access IPv6 application; including dual-stack and 6rd, the business will be able to provide services or run applications in IPv6 world.
    Also, businesses need to be aware of the security considerations. Firewall protection is very important in IPv6 network because IPv6 would let each system have a unique IP address, a hacker might be able to aim at specific systems in a company and attack.


    Scenario 4: how can the businesses keep the connection with IPv4 world if the ISP (Internet Service Provider) only grant IPv6 addresses?

    It is for sure the first step is to make sure the gateway in the office support both IPv4 and IPv6 Internet connectivity to access IPv6 application; including dual-stack and 6rd.
    Due to major ISPs need to preserve the huge investment of the massive equipment running currently so they will not replace all the existing equipment into dual-stack immediately. 6rd tunneling technology is the key method the ISPs would adopt to make sure v6 data running functionally way through the existing v4 networks.
    Therefore, even without IPv4 public IP provided, businesses just need to make sure the ISPs’ implementation and they will be able to connect with both IPv4 and v6 worlds seamlessly.


    Supported Models


    GS2200 Series

    ES3500 series

    MES3500 series

    XGS-4500 Series

    XGS4700 Series

    Security Appliances




    NWA1120 Series

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