Indian University Gets High-speed Internet Connectivity Across the Campus

An Indian agricultural university wanted to build a new network infrastructure, hence they were looking for a solution provider they could rely on. They are required to provide wired connectivity to different department users and wireless connectivity to their students across the premises. After multiple PoCs from different vendors, they put their trust in Zyxel and decided to deploy our solution. Zyxel, being a brand to look after its customers, managed to deliver a meet-the-requirement solution that included a core switch, a network switch, multiple PoE switches, and wireless access points to the university. Our XGS3700-24 switch acted as a DHCP server for all the VLANs whilst the GS2210-24 switch served as the center point for the latency-proof wired network. Our WAC6103D-I access point, powered by GS1900-10HP switches, could ensure continuous connectivity to offer a smooth and uninterrupted wireless experience to the wireless users. The university’s management was more than satisfied with the stable wireless connectivity across the campus and the simplified wired network deployment from Zyxel’s solution. The solution also helped to provide an isolated network environment for each department to ensure secure communication.

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