AP Security Service

Connect and Protect

Connect & Protect

Your Small Business WiFi
from Cybersecurity Threats

Connect & Protect Your Small Business WiFi

Connect & Protect (CNP) aims to protect small business WiFi networks, the devices that connect to the WiFi, and the network users from cybersecurity threats and optimizes WiFi connectivity to boost operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

IP Reputation Filter

Blocks undesirable website contents and prevents data theft and security breaches.

Application Visibility with Throttling

Brings visibility to the applications used in the networks to protect core applications and manage bandwidth to facilitate smooth business operation.

Protecting Everything & Everyone on Your Small Business WiFi

Start by protecting everything and everyone on your WiFi network – by installing a Zyxel access point with CNP/CNP+ security service to filter out unsafe web contents and malicious websites to prevent security breaches and avoid personal or business data leakage.

It ensures the integrity of your small business WiFi network and make sure everything and everyone that connects to the network is protected.

Safeguarding Privacy & Data

With CNP/CNP+, your can rest assured that your privacy is safe from being revealed. It de-identifies personal identity and data to preserve the privacy of venue owners and network users. Sensitive business information, and online activities are not monitored by network providers when you use a WiFi connection.

Optimizing WiFi Connectivity

Zyxel CNP+ not only has IP reputation filter but also supports application-level network visibility and bandwidth throttle to streamline crucial business operations like a mobile POS application, or time-sensitive applications such as online streaming or voice and video calls.

Simply connect to Zyxel ultra-fast 11ax APs, get protection for your business network and start enjoying an incredibly smooth WiFi experience.

Easy Management with Nebula

Managing your network and keeping it safe does not have to be difficult. With Nebula cloud networking solution, you can manage your business WiFi and complete security protection easily in a single platform.

Licenses & Supported Hardware

Connect & Protect (CNP) security service offers two licensing options: CNP and CNP Plus. Users may choose the one best suited to their needs.

CNP license CNP Plus license
  • IP reputation filter
  • IP reputation filter
  • Application visibility with
    bandwidth throttling

Supported Models

Supported Models

* All specifications are subject to change without notice.