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Envisioning a connected and sustainable future with open communications, equal educational opportunities, and inspired innovation, Zyxel and Zyxel Foundation work together to create positive impacts for our community and industry while keeping the growth momentum of our business.

We design our sustainability programs to encourage purposeful innovation, nurture the talent of tomorrow, promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, advance social justice, and inspire sustainable patterns of living.

talent of tomorrow

Talents of tomorrow

The ability to solve problems through innovation and knowledge in technology and science plays a critical role in developing the talent of tomorrow. On a mission to support more young talents in continuing to gain education and professional training and develop an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Zyxel and Zyxel Foundation make reoccurring donations to local high schools and universities through Shun-I Chu Zyxel Scholarship and organizes or sponsors a series of curriculums and programs every year.


connect the uconnected

Connect the unconnected

Reliable and consistent high-speed internet is not a luxury but a necessity for people in the post-pandemic era. We apply our extensive expertise in broadband access solutions to shorten the digital gaps, bringing quality connectivity to everywhere and anyone.

Restore service amidst West Germany floods

In 2021, major areas of West Germany experienced heavy rain, resulting in unprecedented flooding. The floods damaged critical infrastructures, including mobile networks. We worked with local operator – eifel-net and provided free access to multi-service access nodes (MSAN). As a result, eifel-net successfully resumed full-capacity service within days.

Connecting students in Spain to online education

In 2020, to keep students safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19, schools in Ribeira moved to online classes and learning activities. However, many students and their families in Ribeira did not have access to high-speed internet at home, forcing many to forgo their education. We partnered with Solutions 30, a European leader in solutions for new technologies to bring free 4G access to families and school-age children in Ribeira.

Bringing high-speed internet to UK schools

In an attempt to shorten the digital gap between schools in urban and rural areas, we partnered with B4RN, a non-profit fiber optic broadband network, to fully equip 21 rural UK primary schools with high-speed internet access in 2020. We provided the WiFi 6 XGS-PON IAD to allow each rural school to adopt modern curriculums and the latest in education technology.

charity events


Day of Giving

Since 2013, Zyxel North American employees have annually selected a non-profit organization in the Los Angeles area and provided a day of volunteer labor to help improve their facilities or support their missions.

Love in the shoeboxes

Every year, Zyxel Worldwide Headquarters collaborates with Zyxel Foundation to invite employees to join the annual year-end "Love in the shoeboxes" philanthropic activity. In 2022, we received 140 shoeboxes from employees with shoes, stationeries, and books for underprivileged children in Taiwan's rural areas.

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