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Fixed Wireless AccessSolutions

Seamless, fast and efficient connectivity

Meet your customers’ increasing demands

Today’s broadband customers have an increasing demand for premium digital services and efficient high-speed connectivity. However, the cost and time of delivering fixed-line broadband have hurdled the roll-out of services with high-speed and capacity. With the competition closing in, FWA is what you are looking for when you want to provide your customers premium broadband everywhere they want it.

FWA offers an efficient choice for reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity in any location. It’s especially a cost-efficient deployment choice for areas unreachable by fiber and wired technology. Zyxel FWA Solutions give your customers the ultra-fast, latency-free connections they require.


flexibility deployments

Flexibility for all your deployments

Zyxel's mobile broadband solutions give you the freedom to deploy broadband service anywhere, with indoor, outdoor, and portable options. Our products support 4G LTE Cat.4 to 5G NR speeds, and they easily integrate with existing wired networks and third-party devices. This makes it easy for you to migrate from 4G to 5G and deliver broadband service to your customers quickly and easily.

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Optimize network efficiency with smart QoS algorithm

By integrating features like multiple APNs with VLAN mapping and router/IP pass through mode, our FWA Solutions allow you to deliver reliable service through effective traffic segmentation and prioritization.


Deployment scenarios

  • FWA with B2C approach
  • FWA with B2B approach

Our residential FWA outdoor devices come with a self-installation mounting kit and Zyxel Air, an intuitive app. Your customers can install the devices on various surfaces and finish the setup with just a few taps. The easy setup design minimizes service calls during the installation process by bringing a satisfying user experience.

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Breakthrough mobile connectivity with eSIM

Compliant with the eUICC standard by GSMA*, our 5G FWA routers** support embedded SIM (eSIM) to facilitate remote eSIM provisioning to help you and MNOs extend mobile connectivity without switching physical SIM cards. Just scan a QR code with our easy-to-use Zyxel Air app, the eSIM activates customer profiles smoothly with a simple onboarding process. The eSIM reduces your service costs through effective remote management and allows you to take advantage of marketing campaigns, such as mobile data redeems and entertainment.

Follow four steps to activate the eSIM service

*For GSMA root discovery service, please contact us for availability.
**eSIM service is available upon customer request. Please contact us for more information on the availability of 5G FWA routers.


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