Zyxel is offering tech help to support working from home

Networking company’s online help center goes live, and more help programs will be announced in coming weeks


Hsinchu, Taiwan, 27 March 2020 – With more people staying home as cities and countries go into lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, Zyxel Networks today announced it has launched an online service to field questions from users worldwide who are running into trouble working remotely.

The Zyxel Networking Ally Help Center, part of its support forum, is staffed by a team of tech experts and power users with specialized knowledge in the various software and hardware that users are getting tangled up in as they try to work from home. Topics include VPNs, security, cloud networking, and any networking questions related to remote working.

“Social distancing and isolation are key to the world beating this pandemic. However, the transition to working from home hasn’t proven easy for everyone, largely due to the widespread lack of readiness in networking infrastructure and employee training,” said Brian Tien, Zyxel Networks’ Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “In fact, we have received a surge of inquiries from both users and administrators in the past few weeks.

“In this same period, there have been inspiring examples of individuals and organizations helping each other. As Your Networking Ally, we felt the urge to step up, too,” Tien added. “With our networking knowledge, experienced team, and great user community, we’re ready to do our part to help people overcome their current networking challenges. Whether a question is about a Zyxel product or about networking techniques in general, they’re all equally welcome.”

The help center is the first of three measures in Zyxel’s Networking Ally Program in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. And, as staying connected is now crucial to keeping business, educational, and healthcare services running, Zyxel is also calling for volunteers from certified partners and other networking experts to help those in need.

The two other measures – a network solution consultancy service and a practical networking tip-sharing website – will go online in the coming weeks to help companies and businesses sustain through the pandemic.

For more information, visit www.zyxel.com.
Those interested in volunteering can visit https://www.zyxel.com/form/Networking_Ally_Form.shtml to register.

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