Istanbul Company's Network Packs a Punch with Zyxel Switching Solutions

The Istanbul-based PilenPak always looks for opportunities to enhance its business practices, which is why the packaging specialists turned to Zyxel—in coordination with local partner Arma Bilisim—for guidance when upgrading their network and communications equipment. The project entailed setting up VLANs to allow for the separation, management, and logging of network traffic. By implementing the updated infrastructure, with three of Zyxel’s switches at the core, PilenPak will be able to meet the rapidly-growing demands of its clientele and better achieve its own vision for the company’s future.

We needed to upgrade our company’s network infrastructure so as to achieve secure, high-bandwidth capability. Additionally, we needed the ability to log user data by Turkish ID number to be in accord with government regulations. After working with local Zyxel partner Arma Bilisim, we now have the state-of-the-art network we desired.

Mesut Sönmez
PilenPak Packaging, IT Manager