Zyxel Switches and Access Points Modernize Indian Prison to Improve Safety and Management Efficiency

Uttar Pradesh State in northern India has a total of 71 prisons accommodating over 11,000 prisoners serving terms. The state is the first to decide to introduce AI-based video surveillance to monitor inmates in the country. The state government was constructing network infrastructure to transmit video feeds, recording every activity of the prisoners, from the surveillance cameras installed in the jail cells. The installation requirements included the vendor’s local presence, brand reputation, prompt on-time delivery, reasonable pricing, and scalability of the solution. After a series of reviews and screening, Zyxel was chosen for the third-phase projects. When the installation was completed, the management found they have better management efficiency and network connectivity as well as higher ROI. The higher ROI was because they were previously using a solution that did not fulfill their requirements and lowered operational efficiency. After installation of Zyxel solutions, which they found to be of superior quality, staff can work properly without any delay and hassle. This helps them to keep a limited number of employees, making the management more effortless and lowering the costs. See how we helped the government to install a highly efficient and stable network infrastructure.

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