Supply Chain Shortages Pose No Problem for New Russian School’s Network

Required by Russian law to offer wireless access to students and staff, Voronezh City K-12 School wanted more than basic WiFi. It wanted internet access strong and secure enough to make a difference in education. The school’s developer, Vybor, worked with its system integrator, Zyxel partner Delk. “We had several objectives,” says Delk project manager Evgeny Zakharov, “to equip the school with a campus-wide wired and wireless network, provide strong cybersecurity, and support increasing network loads in the future.” Having worked with Zyxel equipment on numerous school projects, Delk knew its GS1920 Series switches and transmit beamforming NWA5123-AC HD access points had the power and intuitive design to satisfy the school. And just as critically, given the ongoing problems in the global supply chain, was the availability Zyxel promised. “At the moment, it’s almost impossible to count on the quick delivery of electronic equipment,” Zakharov says. “But we were able to rely on our manufacturer and distributor, and every piece of Zyxel equipment arrived in no time.” The integrator’s specialists met the short deadlines with ease, installing and configuring the entire network in just three days. This ensured it was ready for the first day of the school, which now boasts one of the strongest and safest networks of any educational institution in the region.

Our customer in this project has been highly satisfied – not only because all their requirements were met but that they were met exactly on time. I thank Zyxel for their technical supports and strongly recommend Zyxel for cases such as this.

Yuri Sergeevich Perevoznikov
Representative, Vybor LLC

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