Network Security

Intrusion Prevention System

Intrusion Prevention System

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

A Preemptive Threat Prevention in Real-time

Attackers often exploit system or application vulnerabilities to interrupt and gain control over applications or machines. The Zyxel Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is also known as Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP), which is a network security and threat prevention technology that help businesses to establish timely security measures against known zero-day attacks. The IPS service fully guards your business network environment with anomaly traffic detection from a wide range of suspicious activities – like SQL injection, DoS and malicious backdoor applications.

Deeper, Wider, Stronger Intrusion Prevention

The Zyxel IPS service provides a high-performance deep packet inspection engine to examine all incoming and outgoing traffic - including SSL traffic for protocol deviations, content that signals an attack, or policy violations. The IPS operates in detection and prevention modes to defend operating systems and shield enterprise application vulnerabilities.

Virtual Patching
Virtual Patching

Shields vulnerabilities before exploit, eliminates the operational pains of emergency patching, frequent patch cycles, and costly system downtime

Cost-effective Solution
Cost-effective Solution

Provides network-wide protection for all users configured behind firewall with a single IPS subscription

How It Works

SSL Inspection Signature Updates Threat Analysis
Stop SSL-encrypted attacks

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption has seen extensive worldwide proliferation, with many popular Web and cloud-based services offering users the ability to have their entire sessions encrypted. Unfortunately, attackers are also turning to encryption to evade detection, increasing the prevalence of malicious activity.
SSL inspection is the key to protecting your network from these incoming/outgoing traffic for threats. Zyxel IPS service supports SSL inspection, helping to scan the content at a URL accessed over SSL to apply policies and detect malware and viruses at the URL level. This action blocks threats that are hidden in SSL encrypted connections and facilitates deeper policy enforcement.


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