Zyxel Networks Refreshes and Renovates Hungarian Hundred-Year-Old Fortress’s Network

Stable WiFi is essential for tourist destinations. For frequently visited sites and popular attractions such as Star Fortress, it is a basic requirement for visitors to be able to access information, stream, and even watch high-definition videos during their stay. The Star Fortress’s renovation project needed seamless and secure wireless access at all points on the site while also protecting against internal and external attacks. The new network needed to ensure continuous operation of various internet-based devices such as telephones and security cameras. Zyxel’s XGS4600 and XGS3700 L3 switches compose the 10GbE high-speed backbone network. The XGS2210 switches can provide great agility and effective traffic management for diverse VoIP, video conference, IPTV and IP surveillance deployments. The WAC6503D-S access points features smart antenna which can calculate ideal patterns for each individual client to enhance connection quality, and also mitigate interface from other wireless devices. Visitors are able to enjoy smooth and uninterrupted wireless access from anywhere in the venue.

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