Zyxel Nebula Solution Helps Italian Logistics Company Ensure Steady Wireless and Wired Connectivity Throughout Premises

The logistics industry demands are continuously increasing, thanks to the growth of global e-commerce, among other things. The Italian courier company Liccardi Express realized that to meet these demands, it needed a reliable wireless and wired network backed by a solid cloud-based management platform, protected with a strong firewall and is GDPR compliant. After having considered various options, the company turned to Zyxel Networks. After the project, Liccardi Express Courier now enjoys top-notch wired and wireless connectivity that is secure and privacy-protected.

We have chosen Zyxel Networks who is our unique technological partner and thank them to meet various requirements from our customer Liccardi Express Courier in telephony, Internet, networking, and IT security

Dario de Vincentiis
CEO, Extratel Srl

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