Zyxel Moves Fast to Support Newly Built Covid-19 Hospitals in Russia

Soon after the Covid-19 pandemic reached Russia, the country began building specialized infectious diseases hospitals. Constructed in mere weeks, these modern, high-tech facilities – like those in Salekhard and Novy Urengoy – are equipped with the latest medical and computer technology, and as such require reliable wired and wireless network infrastructure. The hospitals needed effective medical infrastructure and equipment to isolate and treat infected patients, and a stable network was key to this. They needed highly secure local network infrastructure for medical and computer equipment as well as to provide full wireless coverage. Project coordinator Formula Security was tasked with handling the logistics. As its general director, Valentina Hovhannisyan, recalled: “Due to the extremely tight deadlines for putting the facility into operation, it was imperative that the equipment get delivered as soon as possible.” Three network equipment manufacturers participated in the tender, with Zyxel selected; the integrator had dealt with its equipment in the past and was won over by its reliability and functionality. One other factor made a big difference, too: Zyxel’s on-the-ground presence meant it could deliver the equipment in almost no time. The infrastructure was then deployed just as quickly, and it has now been making a big difference ever since. Zyxel’s VPN firewalls are providing a secure local network that connects medical and computer equipment and controls internet traffic. Meanwhile, NWA5123-AC 802.11ac access points are offering seamless wireless connectivity for everyone throughout the hospitals, ensuring they can access critical information and contact loved ones whenever they need to.

“Thanks to the fast delivery of the equipment, we had ample time left for additional testing of the entire system and the elimination of bottlenecks. We had experience in implementing complex projects using Zyxel equipment, and that, coupled with the quick delivery, allowed us to calmly implement the project and smooth out all potential problems.”

Valentina Hovhannisyan
General Director, Formula Security

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