Unleashing High-Quality Connectivity for Optimal Learning Experiences at Italian University

The sprawling 6000 sqm campus in the Ostiense district, nestled within the former Triestina Carpentry on Via Libetta, is undergoing a comprehensive renovation scheduled for completion by the end of 2023. With an unwavering commitment to fostering an exceptional learning environment, the school is dedicated to establishing a pervasive wireless network that envelops the entire campus, offering abundant WiFi capacity and seamless coverage. Additionally, a resilient networking infrastructure is crucial, seamlessly accommodating local archives, facilitating swift NAS access, and empowering administrators with meticulous sectoral control. Furthermore, the campus plans to incorporate cutting-edge broadcast technologies, enabling the dissemination of educational content through projectors and TVs. After a thorough evaluation process, Zyxel's Nebula solution stood out as the preferred choice, offering centralized cloud-based control and unparalleled visibility for quick issue resolution. Zyxel's switches and WiFi 6 APs form the backbone of a high-speed and dependable network, while the USG FLEX 700 firewall ensures robust security.

Thanks to Ejart and Zyxel for quickly establishing a robust network. The design and implementation of the network infrastructure meet our requirements in terms of performance, security, stability, and scalability. With real-time monitoring of all devices, we can promptly identify any malfunctions within our network, enabling us to fix them immediately.

Antonio Pompei
IT Manager
RUFA University

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