Nebula Slays Drinks Giant’s Growing Thirst for a Reliable, Unified Network

With 50 locations and expanding rapidly, Toimart desperately needed to connect all its sites. Each had its own network – there was no single control center and all the equipment was from different manufacturers. Facing constant network interruptions and admin headaches, Toimart turned to Zyxel's local partner, CyberTechnika. A game plan was set: transfer all branches to a single network and standardize the equipment at each. Special emphasis was placed on reliability. Branches require constant contact with HQ to share sales data and ensure their inventory is restocked as needed. The project’s large scale also demanded affordable equipment. “We’d had good experiences with Zyxel,” CyberTechnika director Natalya Shtyrlya said. “Its hardware is reliable, has wide functionality, and Nebula is ideal for managing a distributed branch structure.” The project itself has been ongoing for several years now and its success is obvious: as a new location opens, the same equipment is installed and existing configuration settings copied. Thus, within minutes of the store’s electricity and internet connection being switched on, it is a functioning part of the Toimart network. That’s why, even with dozens more stores set to open in the next few months, Toimart knows that a fast, reliable network connection is the last thing it needs to worry about.

Everything is working smoothly and exactly as it should. Thanks to the convenience of Nebula, we’ve been able to use the same hardware for each point of sale, clone the settings from the previous stores, and have it fully working right away.

Stanislav Tryasko
IT Specialist

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