MagicOffice Transforms Italian Stores’ Mobile Signals from Zero to Hero

Sailing was less than smooth for’s brick-and-mortar locations. The stores are located on the ground floors of historic buildings, the thick walls of which were causing severe interference and poor cell signal coverage. Making matters worse at some stores was the presence of underground rooms. With customers and employees struggling to get a signal, productivity was low and nobody was happy. partnered with system integrator Teleimpianti S.p.A. to devise a plan that would deliver stable mobile coverage to customers and employees alike. Together, they identified a real silver bullet: the Zyxel MagicOffice Repeater. The quad-band mobile repeater resolves poor reception by amplifying existing signals to ensure exceptional voice and data quality. Making it especially suited to deployment in’s’ chicly branded stores, the repeater features a sleek, compact design without sacrificing supreme 5G NR 256QAM signal quality through its FDD communication system. And MagicOffice can be installed rapidly using soft coaxial cables – no renovation work necessary. says the change was immediate upon installing the repeaters. Coverage for employees and customers went from patchy or nonexistent to strong and reliable, keeping them connected and happy 24/7.

It’s changed everything. There are now no more customers or employees dissatisfied with the mobile coverage.

Davide Olivieri
Sales Manager
Teleimpianti S.p.A.

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