London Restaurant and Entertainment Space Connects Boundaries with Zyxel WiFi

When Londoners are looking for the latest hotspot to dance, drink and dine the night away, they head straight for Huckster London. The massive entertainment complex offers something for every taste, whether that’s sampling international cuisine or singing one’s heart out to the latest hits in a karaoke bar. One thing that visitors have in common is nearly all expect seamless wireless connectivity when navigating the complex’s multiple floors and myriad of venues. As the space grew in popularity with more users logging in, venues streaming media, and businesses carrying out point-of-sale transactions, management realized it was time for change. Zyxel had just what they needed in a wireless network solution that provided secure and stable high-speed access to every corner of the complex.

As a multi-level entertainment space catering to high-volumes of customers with dramatic peaks and troughs, we needed a network that fitted with Hucksters needs and supported business growth, as opposed to molding our systems to the network. Through the help of Seven Oaks Sound and Vision, Zyxel has streamlined our operations and now our staff can freely communicate, and our customers can browse at their leisure, without interrupting our till or entertainment network systems.

Adam Marshall
Founder and director of Ambar Entertainment

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