Hyatt’s Productivity Skyrockets High After Zyxel Sends its WiFi Network to the Cloud

Hyatt’s business in India had been growing at a steady click for years. But, at the hotel chain’s corporate HQ, this pace left little time to build proper network infrastructure. Instead, equipment was purchased as needed and sourced from various brands regardless of compatibility. The end result: employees struggling for a good wireless signal and IT staff wasting hours trying to manage the network’s components. Finally, facing a fresh expansion that would see many more Hyatts opening across India, the cord was pulled on installing fresh infrastructure. The solution would require centralized management, powerful WiFi, and long-term scalability and affordability. Here’s how we delivered just that.

The IT department is the backbone for any hospitality company, and we’re no exception. We need highly active bandwidth and connectivity to perform our tasks in a better way. This helps the management to avoid crisis situation which can arise due to malfunctioning IT networks. Nebula has strengthened our crisis management capabilities, and enabled us to make decision easily, even among numerous people and departments across the company.

Abhay Singh Rajawat
Information Systems Manager, Hyatt India Consultancy Pvt Ltd

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