How Upgrading Your WiFi Can Also Upgrade Your Staff’s Efficiency

The famous spa town of Yalova, in northwestern Turkey, has a vibrant mix of tourist and commercial attractions, drawing in a mix of leisure and business travelers. Catering mainly to the latter group of visitors staying in this city of 100,000 is Helenapolis Hotel. With spacious rooms, the establishment and its staff take particular pride in customer satisfaction. That means everything from service with a smile to an orderly front desk—and of course impeccable internet access. Here’s how we delivered a fast and stable WiFi connection for Helenapolis Hotel.

Helenapolis Hotel offers all the charm of Yalova City plus quality service from our understanding, professional, and friendly staff. Of course, perfect service should include high-speed internet. To acquire this for our hotel, we turned to Zyxel and its local business partner Aybiltech Bilişim. They developed a solution with hardware and software that suited our needs precisely. We’re extremely thankful for their professional, quality service.

Burak Firat
Owner, Helenapolis Hotel

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