Zyxel’s Wireless Solution Invigorates and Modernizes Belarusian Manufacturer ‘s Network

MZBN, one of the largest soft drink companies in Belarus, had confidence in their product portfolio, but has been struggling with insufficient local network performance. They knew that their outdated network systems would need a network upgrade to make their successful business even stronger. A local integrator suggested a solution, to use Zyxel’s top-notch wireless solution which has already helped plenty of companies to solve their frustrating network problems. See how Zyxel’s versatile and easy-to-manage infrastructure elevated this already successful business to the next level.

There were no serious difficulties in setting up and operating the equipment. During the operation, the equipment performed well during operation. I will recommend Zyxel to my colleagues.

Sergey Berdygan
Head of Administration Sector, IT Department, MZBN

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