Wireless Network Brings Modern Convenience to Historic Italian Hotel

A historic building dating to the early 20th century, the Palace Grand Hotel Varese clearly wasn’t designed for WiFi. Its six stories of thick brick walls severely limit wireless signals, but management knew it needed to deliver the speeds and stability expected in modern hotels – not just to guest rooms but meeting rooms and public areas, too. The hotel turned to its SI partner PSOFT and they designed a complete overhaul. For security, Zyxel’s USG FLEX 700 UTM Firewall, compliant with GDPR requirements, was deployed to manage the internal and guest networks and provide active network protection with UTM services. Next, NWA1123-AC PRO access points were installed in the false ceilings, bringing coverage to all 112 suites and guest rooms. The APs also deliver strong signals to facilities in the park outside, such as the restaurant and tennis courts. Meanwhile, in high-density environments like the hall, restaurant, and meeting rooms, WAC6503D-S APs were used to ensure stability. All APs are powered by GS1920 Smart Managed PoE Switches, which feature primary and backup connectivity to prevent dropouts. Aside from enjoying the day-and-night change in connectivity, the switch enables the hotel to diagnose and update firmware of the APs anytime via the web or the Nebula Control Center.

We’ve been most impressed by the Nebula cloud networking solution, especially how it allows you to check and manage access points, switches, and firewalls, and to deliver support in real time if necessary.

Salvatore Piraneo
Owner, PSoft sas

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