Villa Gesell City Hall Offices Achieve Seamless WiFi Connectivity with Zyxel Nebula Solution

The Villa Gesell City Government wanted to connect the city office with its hospitals and culture house and provide connectivity to administrative facilities. It also required WiFi in public and private areas. COTEL, in charge of the communication infrastructure for the city government, was looking for a reliable solution that could be compatible with the different systems already installed. After deploying Zyxel’s cloud solution, the city government’s branches now enjoy seamless connectivity. The city hall also benefited from reduced maintenance time and cost. The scalable solution enables the city hall to easily upgrade WiFi equipment for future growth.

The Nebula solution was selected because it could manage the whole system on the cloud without any controller. The Nebula cloud networking management solution provides visibility over each group and client with reports and statistics. The solution enables easy connection of new devices to each site. The good value of the equipment was also a determining factor.

Andrés Gallo
Head of systems of the Gesell Telephone Cooperative, COTEL

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