Vietnam Bike Parts Maker Pedals to Perfect Surveillance with Superfast Site-to-Site VPN

In 2020, SR SUNTOUR Cycling faced government requirements for continuous surveillance of its entire Binh Duong factory and an offsite warehouse. This needed a high-performance site-to-site VPN to transmit IP camera feeds from the warehouse to the factory for storage on NAS devices. Like many factories needing to connect more network and extra-low voltage (ELV) infrastructure like surveillance cameras, the company struggled with managing numerous connected devices from various manufacturers. Its network was cobbled together from multiple brands, including consumer-grade products, resulting in poor performance and difficult management. It turned to eSafe360, a system integrator specializing in ICT and ELV infrastructure. After evaluating the case, eSafe360 knew Zyxel’s solutions were up to the challenge. Zyxel’s USG FLEX 500 and USG FLEX 100 firewalls were installed in the factory and warehouse respectively, creating reliable, high-speed site-to-site VPN channels to transmit the video feeds in real time and lag-free. GS1350 switches were used to connect and power the IP cameras, ensuring uninterrupted and low-latency real-time video surveillance. The switches are also powering WAX510D WiFi 6 access points, whose dual-optimized antennas provide fast and stable wireless network coverage. “Zyxel's solutions have allowed us to easily unify the site’s infrastructure and meet the customer's needs,” eSafe360 CTO Faraday Huang said.

Network speed and stability improved significantly. The new network ensures real-time surveillance, reduces footage backup time from several hours to just a few minutes, and makes network management much easier.

Chang Junhao
IT Manager

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