Russian Digital Ad Company Thrives with Zyxel Security Solution

Screen Media, a rapidly-growing digital advertising company, was looking for a way to replace and improve upon its current network infrastructure. With more than 550 broadcast locations to overhaul, the company chose Zyxel to oversee the massive project. After a year of work, Screen Media had its wishes granted: a central office with state-of-the-art equipment, the installation of routers in myriad locations throughout Russia, and a fast, reliable VPN network to ensure that its clients’ promotional material was getting where it needed to go.

Zyxel had a whole line of models to choose from. They also offered good prices for the selected equipment, a 3-year warranty, and—most importantly—agreed to develop an individual firmware for the routers used for this particular project.

Vadim Sumin
IT Director, Screen Media

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