Nepal’s Insurance Company Secures Valuable Customer Information with Zyxel Security Solution

The Nepal-based Prudential Insurance Company wanted to upgrade its network security solution that would protect the extremely sensitive financial data that it handles daily. The solution had to enable secure and convenient access for employees from remote locations to the company headquarters. After much deliberation along with a local technology partner, the company decided to use Zyxel ‘security solution. With a solid network security system with secure remote access, the company management can now rest assured that their customers’ valuable data is safe and secure. They can now continue to provide the top-class service they have been providing for years, despite the increasing threats of sophisticated cyberattacks worldwide.

The network for any financial institute should be capable of fighting external intrusions and therefore we suggested Zyxel firewall solution to our esteemed client, Prudential Insurance that is agreed and currently satisfied using our solution. We at ITECHNOS, are happy with Zyxel products and services, and wish to help and provide the state-of-the- art Zyxel solutions to our clients. The new network will help Prudential Insurance to create a better working environment while reducing costs.

Ananda Maharjan
Managing Director, ITECHNOS Nepal

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